Become a VReel Pilot

VReel is a community platform for drone footage creators (we call them pilots) to share footage and be fairly rewarded for their contribution.
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Pilot Earnings

  • Earn 50% commission on all of your videos that are sold through a “one-off” purchase.
  • Share in the VReel revenue generated from user subscriptions by consistently uploading footage each month. Level 1 Pilots share in 5%, Level 2 Pilots share in 10% and Level 3 Pilots share in 30% of the VReel revenues generated from user subscriptions.
Level 1Upload 10 videos per month5% share
Level 2Upload 25 videos per month10% share
Level 3Upload 50 videos per month30% share


Correct Permissions

We encourange pilot compliance with regards to following local rules and regulations. We may ask for proof of your drone license depending where you are from.

.mov or .mp4

We accept video files in the formats .mov an .mp4 - if your videos are not in these formats it is likely that they will not upload.

4K or HD Quality

We expect Pilot footage to be a minumum of 1080 HD, but recommend and encourange Pilots contribute 4K quality footage.

Clip Length

We accept clips that are between 5 - 60 seconds long.

Clean Cuts

Footage that is jerky, has unsmooth camera movements or lots of changes in direction will not be accepted onto the VReel platform. See our tutorial on clip trimming here.


We require all footage to have a minimum bitrate of 3mb/s.

Getting Started

  • Apply to become a VReel Pilot by creating an account.
  • Reply to your welcome email with some examples or links to your work.
  • Have your application approved by a member of VReel team.
  • Make sure you are well acquainted with the standard of footage required.
  • Upload your footage for footage for moderation by the VReel quality assurance team.
  • After moderation your footage will be availble for purchase on the VReel platform.

What our Pilots Say


Join our community and turn your creativity into cash, well, it just makes sense (and it’s fun too!).
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Pilot FAQs

If you have any more questions about becoming a pilot, please send us an email to or simply use our live chat tool.