16 Amazing Styles of Video Animation

This post was originally written by Andre Oentoro for BreadnBeyond. Find the article here.

The explainer video industry is moving up in the world. Earlier in 2017, these short visual content can be found in many places including the news, TV, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Animated explainers provide an amazing result when it comes to showing viewers’ problems and immediately offering a solution to it. They’re also a good education media due to the eye-catching visuals,  snappy animations, and narrative audio — making them an obvious center of attention that is hard to skip or miss. Add all of those up and you’ll get the perfect marketing tool to execute any business marketing strategy.

This is precisely why animated explainer videos are being used frequently today. Global companies use this short movie form to tell their stories; they can benefit various industries and cover different topics such as health, travel, tech and science, fashion, food, film, etc. A user can advertise almost anything on the web by using them!

The Story of Our Animation Styles

As the industry grows, video production companies started popping up everywhere, which causes a fierce marketing and creativity competition. The rise of animated marketing videos in various industries is also causing demand for explainer animation as a tool to increase brand awareness.

Each company tries its best to come up with video styles and new animation styles to establish a signature for their creation. After all, animated explainer videos are a form of art in the era of social media and online media — which are bound to have signature looks — and a useful content to watch for a company’s target customers. That means if your company thinks about creating an explainer, there is a long list of video styles to choose from.

However, there are people who find it harder to choose between so many options. A quick search on YouTube shows that there are hundreds of animation explainer video styles that range from short ones (10-20 seconds) to longer ones (>4 minutes).

If you’re wondering how many words in a minute an explainer video has, it’s usually between 160 and 180 words per minute.

Our recurring clients are already familiar with our animated styles, and most of the time they call us knowing exactly what they want.

With years of experience in creating explainer videos, my team and I have tried out – and also seen – lots of styles from top-level studios.

Some of them we love, some are a little out of our taste. Some require god-tier techniques, some can be done by new learners.

We came to 16 different styles in total and each of them requires a different animation technique that you can explore. Visit the original article on BreadnBeyond to discover the styles. 

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