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How to Make Professional Videos with Your Phone

A commonly asked question by people that want to create videos for their business is – what equipment do I actually need to start making videos for my business? In this blog post, we’re going to give you actionable advice on how to make professional videos with your phone.

Anna Fundin, video expert and content creator at Moderna Kompetenser in Stockholm, recommends her clients to start simple, and start with their smartphone. It’s more important to start creating content than it is to have the newest and most expensive camera. 

Anna says that there are a few fundamental tricks you can use to make your smartphone videos look more professional.

Portrait vs Landscape

If you’re sure that your video will only be shown on mobile you can absolutely film vertically. However, if you are unsure, shoot horizontally – it will look better on conventional screens and can be easier to edit. 


Keep your hand steady – hold your phone with both hands to increase stability. Try using a selfie stick, gorilla pod or prop your phone up against a coffee cup, all of which are affordable alternatives to a tripod. When you first start out, you don’t need to have all the correct equipment, be creative and use whatever you find laying around. If you’re filming yourself, a laptop is perfect for keeping your phone stable while having your script on hand so you don’t mess up your lines.


When it comes to budget filming, natural light is your best friend, so try use it whenever possible. You can always buy cheap lights, but as a beginner more often than not it ends up looking worse than if you’d just opened the curtains. Worship the light, position yourself (or your subject) so you are facing the light. Try to avoid backlight as this will heavily affect the finished quality of your video. 


The difference between a good and bad video can often come down to something as simple as the sound quality. There are plenty of cheap and easy to use microphones on the market, which will enhance the production value exponentially more than you’ll pay for one. Failing that, simply use someone else’s phone with the earphones connected and position the microphone near to your subject, then record to the voice note app – import the audio file into your video project and sync with the video. Always try to film in a quiet environment, avoid external noises such as tv’s, radios, ventilation fans etc and try to be as close to the camera (or microphone) as possible. 

Anna Fundin is a video expert and content creator based in Stockholm, this blog was transcribed, translated and adapted from her video “(4 tips) – Så gör du proffsiga videos med din mobil” –

Find out more about Anna and follow her on social media!

We hope that with our tips you now feel confident of how to make professional videos with your phone! If you want to learn how to put your new found video skills into action and run Facebook Ads to grow your business, you need to check out our blog post “How To Be Better At Facebook Advertising Today”.

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