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Aerial Footage

What is Aerial Footage?

Aerial footage is simply footage collected from the air. Up until a couple of years ago, the most common way to collect aerial footage was with a helicopter. Today, most aerial footage is filmed with a drone operated from the ground.

How much does Aerial Footage cost?

The price can vary depending on two scenarios:

  • Do you want already filmed footage, and can buy your clips from a stock platform?
  • Or hire a drone operator to film custom video for you?

In the first case it varies from platform to platform. But on average you pay around 50€-150€ for a royalty-free clip filmed in 4K resolution. See our article on How much does stock video cost.

In the second case, if you want to hire a drone pilot the price can vary depending on following:

  • The scope of the project
  • If the drone pilot needs to travel far to the filming
  • If the drone pilot needs to apply for special governmental permissions to fly over the area or object you wish to film
  • If you want to drone pilot to edit the footage for you or if you just want the raw files

According to, drone pilots in the US usually charge around $100-$150 per man hour. And in our experience the prices in Europe are very similar.

If you’re looking to hire a drone pilot to film a project for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have over 150 drone pilots in our network who are ready to start filming.

Aerial vs Drone - what is the difference?

Aerial footage is the collective word for all footage filmed from the air. Drone footage has been filmed from the air with a drone. A drone can also be used to film handheld b-roll footage if the camera is of high quality.

Free Aerial Footage

Many platforms are offering a selection of Free Footage (Pexels, Pixabay and Mixkit to name a few), and so do we. All our free footage comes with a royalty-free license and can be used in any way you like, including commercial video projects. Our free footage has actually been used for over 60 000 productions.

How to find the right stock footage

How to find the right stock footage

With an increasing number of stock platforms available on the market, the supply of stock footage is huge. Quite often buyers end up in a

VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

We came across you and your brother through your drone flying when VReel started off as a drone platform. How long have you been flying a drone and how did you get into it? We’ve been flying drones for many years, probably around seven years, more or less. In Holland we were one of the first companies using drones for making videos and photography.