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Background Videos

What is a background video and why might you want one?

Background videos are videos that are placed in the background of your website or homepage. Also known as website hero videos, these videos really give a website a professional and dynamic look to engage visitors.

You might consider using a background video on your website to tell the story of your business, brand or personality. Not only are they visually appealing, but can also help to increase your website’s conversion rates.

Background Videos Example

What does a background video look like? As the trend continues to grow, it is increasingly more likely that a website you have visited lately had one. Below are some great examples

The VReel website background uses a short looping video to emphasise what it is that VReel offers – dynamic stock drone footage. A simple yet engaging way that ensures new users are captivated and curious to continue exploring the site.

Piipers have done a really fantastic job with the use of their background video. It perfectly tells the story of how their designs are based on traditional art but have a unique modern twist. Beautiful visuals really set the brand identity, values and what you can expect if you purchase something from them – a great use of video content.

Oxx are a venture capital firm that operate in many cities around the world. Using drone footage in their website banner not only shows you which cities these are, but it offers a stunning backdrop to their company’s headline which helps engage their visitors.

What to consider when using a background video?

Although there are many advantages to using a background video on your website, generally you can’t just throw in any old video and hope it works. In fact, we recommend putting a little bit of thought into the whole thing. Here’s our checklist.

  1. Limit the length – long videos don’t belong in the hero section. Besides, longer videos have larger files, and these will slow your website down.
  2. Consider brightness – a bright video with white text overlaid will make the text impossible to read. Use contrast to make sure that your headline and buttons are easy to read.
  3. Video relevance – find visuals that best represent your business or the story you’re trying to tell. Authenticity goes a long way.
  4. Avoid sound. Audio that autoplays is annoying, set the default to mute, users should be able to choose if they want to listen or not. Or better yet, use a video that doesn’t have audio.
  5. Hide controls and fit to screen – to seamlessly integrate a video into your background, hide all controls and make sure the video fits the full hero section.

Conclusion on Background Videos

Background videos are great. However, this doesn’t mean that they are for everybody. Make sure that your website would benefit from background videos before adding one. Be thoughtful about the video you use, how it represents your business and tells your story.

If you take action to create your own, be sure to browse our collection of curated drone videos where you will find a great selection of shots from different locations and scenes around the world.

Discover the 13 drone shots that you need to know with our Footage Glossary!

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