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We have some really exciting news! 
Since we started VReel, co-founder Edward Thomas always dreamt about creating a tool for easy video creation. A few months ago we came across Andrew Walters on IndieHackers. Andrew is a top developer from San Diego who shared the same dream as Edward, and had already started a project under the name Brisa Videos. Together, they have now launched, a video creation tool for anyone who wants to create great looking videos for social media. 

What is easy online video creation?

Online video editors are a new form of video editing software that happens completely within your internet browser. You no longer need to download complicated or expensive video editing software onto your laptop or computer, you can edit videos online. The advantages of this are that you do not need to take up large spaces on your devices hard-drive to operate your video editing software, since it is completely operated in your internet browser, it doesn’t take up any space on your device. It also means that you can save projects and come back to them any time you like. You can also download your edited videos as many times as you like since you never have to delete projects to free up space.

What can you do with the video creator?

The Vidds video creation tool offers 100+ templates to get you started on your video editing journey (you can also start from scratch). It allows you to add pictures, videos and text to your videos, you can even add shapes, filters and animations. Below are some examples of the kind of videos you can create:

  • Shopify Product Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Instagram Stories with text, music and filters
  • Facebook Ads Videos
  • Youtube Videos
  • Email Marketing Videos
  • Employer Branding Videos
  • Banner Videos
  • News and Informative Videos
  • Video CV’s and Resumés
  • GIF’s and Memes
  • Convert .MOV to .MP4
  • Trim Videos Quickly

Of course you can also add your stock videos from VReel (or any other platform) into any production you want. Feel free to grab a couple of clips from our Free Stock Video library to play around with. Vidds also just launched a tool where you can convert .mov to .mp4 files for free, check it out here

Who can create videos with Vidds?

Many people might think that creating videos is just something professional video makers can do. Vidds wanted to change that and democratize video marketing for everyone. You need no previous experience, and the creator tool is developed as a “drag & drop”-tool which makes it just as easy to use as Canva, Keynote or PowerPoint. 

How much does it cost to create videos?

Vidds offer a free membership, where you can download your videos with a small watermark. If you want the full experience, you only pay 18€ per month with a monthly subscription, or 15€ per month with an annual subscription. You can also book a free onboarding session with Edward or Andrew who will show you how to use the tool, and make the most out of it. Discount Code:


How to create social media videos with Vidds

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