Hire a Drone Pilot for your Video Production

Hire a Drone Pilot

A few years ago it was quite common to send out anyone in the office to catch a few shots with a hobby drone. But as many countries are tightening the laws on who is allowed to operate a drone, looking into hiring a professional drone pilot for your next video project could be a good idea. Not only will you avoid big fines, but since it usually takes hours and hours of practise to become a good drone pilot, your footage will be way better. 

When should you hire a Drone Pilot?

There are so many great drone shots available on stock video sites (like here on VReel), so when is it worth investing in hiring your own drone pilot?

  • When you want to film a product of your own, for example a car or other vehicle
    If the drone footage is part of a series of shots, it’s to recommend to film your own so it’s in the same style as the rest of the production.
  • When you want exclusive rights to the footage
    Most stock video footage is sold with a royalty-free license, meaning that anyone can buy the same clip. Hiring a drone pilot to film you something unique still doesn’t stop anyone else from getting the exact same footage though. 
  • When you don’t have the competence or equipment in-house
    Buying a drone with video camera will cost you anything from 300-3000€+, but getting the hours in to practice and take your needed licenses might be a bigger investment. But here’s the thing – a professional drone pilot comes with both! 
  • When you don’t have the knowledge of the local laws in-house
    Drone laws are, as we mentioned previously, getting more and more complicated. And wether you’re a local or not, you are always obliged to follow the laws at your filming location. Hiring a local drone pilot will help you avoid breaking any laws which you didn’t know about, and save you time on reading up on them.

What do check before hiring a drone pilot?

We can’t remind anyone of this enough, but it’s really important to check that anyone you hire to fly a drone has the licenses required for that location. Also keep in mind to check with your pilot that the area you want to film in isn’t a no-fly zone. Another important thing on the checklist is that your drone pilot has the correct insurances covering potential damage on property and people (in Swedish; ansvarsförsäkring). 

How to hire a drone pilot?

At VReel we don’t yet have an official service for hiring a drone pilot. But within our network of 150+ registered drone pilots across the world we’re happy to help you find one. We have local pilots in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine, Latvia, Spain, Romania, Portugal, France, Italy and the US to mention a few. Many of our pilots are also happy to travel. 

To get a quote on your project, send us an email or contact us in the chat. 

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