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How much does stock video cost?

The cost of stock video - how much should you pay?

Over the last couple of years the supply of stock footage has increased, resulting in a dramatic change in pricing. We created VReel with the mission to democratise drone footage and make it available to small businesses and independent creators. At the same time, making sure that our contributors earn a fair amount for their hard work. Something we have achieved.

But no matter how unique we are in our model, there are always going to be other stock platforms out there. Many of them offer a wide variety of all kinds of stock – images, video, after effects and music, but not all are like us, niched on what they know best.

One of the most searched terms together with the name of most stock platforms is “pricing”. To make your life easier when it comes to choosing a platform for your stock, we have put together a summary of the pricing from the most known platforms out there.

Stock video pricing - shutterstock pricing, pond5 pricing, videoblocks pricing


Shutterstock pricing: One-off HD = 59€, one-off 4K = 149€. Monthly subscription 10 videos = 139€/month, monthly subscription 20 videos = 179€/month (annual commitment required).
Pond5 pricing: One-off clips range from 25€ – 500€+. Monthly subscription 10 videos = 195€/month. Annual subscription 120 videos = 960€.
Artgrid pricing: Annual subscription HD = 299€/year (unlimited downloads), annual subscription 4K = 499€/year (unlimited downloads).
Videoblocks pricing: Monthly subscription 5 videos = 19€/month, unlimited access = 65€/month. Annual subscription 5 video/month = 99€ (paid annually), unlimited access = 349€
AdobeStock pricing: One-off HD = 63,99€, one-off 4K = 169,99€.
VReel pricing: One-off HD = 35€, one-off 4K = 59€. Monthly subscription 5 videos = 69€/month, monthly subscription 10 videos = 99€/month, monthly subscription 25 videos = 299€/month, monthly subscription 50 videos = 499€/month.
Helifilm pricing: One-off HD = 309€, one-off 4K = 355€.

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