How to make money from stock footage

How to Make Money From Stock Footage

How much money can you make from uploading your footage to a stock platform?

The Platform Equation, is a foundation for us at VReel. It’s the art of creating a product that brings as much value to our users, as it does to our pilots. This means sensible pricing as well as attractive earnings potential. In this article, we focus on the pilot side of the equation. We look at how to make money from stock footage.

Uploading your footage to stock platforms is a great way to earn a passive income. Many videographers and drone pilots keep hard drive after hard drive of unused footage – stock platforms are a great way to turn this old work into cash. Sure, it takes a little bit of time to archive, keyword and upload but once that’s done, if your footage is good you can start watching the earnings roll in!

How much commission can you earn from stock footage?

The average commission for videos is currently at around 30% of the sale price. However, many of the popular platforms offer anywhere from 20 to 50% of the sales price. Before signing up, make sure you know how much the platform offers and then look at their prices to make sure you’ll be earning a fair amount.

Some platforms have more complicated points-based or level systems where your earnings will depend on how many licenses you have sold during the year. So again make sure you understand the system and the implications for your earnings before signing up and uploading your footage.

For example at VReel, you will earn 50% commission on all sales. This means that you make €29,5 for every 4K video that you sell. Not Bad!

For details on the commissions you can earn on popular stock video platforms, check the links below:

  • How much do you earn on Shutterstock?
    Shutterstock has one of the more complicated earning structures. Recently they caused controversy within their contributor community after they dramatically restructured the earning potentials.
  • How much do you earn on VideoBlocks?
    VideoBlocks pay their contributors based on the “relative value” of their content. This is determined mostly by how many times it is downloaded across their platform. The higher your “relative value” the bigger your share in the earnings pool.
  • How much do you earn on AdobeStock?
    With adobe you earn a commission based on the sales price of your footage. Their is also a minimum royalty for your videos purchased via subscriptions.
  • How much do you earn on Pond5?
    Exclusive video contributors earn 60% commission on their sold videos. Non-exclusive video contributors earn 40% commission on all their videos that are sold.

Discover how much stock video costs across the different platforms!

How to find the right stock footage

How to find the right stock footage

With an increasing number of stock platforms available on the market, the supply of stock footage is huge. Quite often buyers end up in a

VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

We came across you and your brother through your drone flying when VReel started off as a drone platform. How long have you been flying a drone and how did you get into it? We’ve been flying drones for many years, probably around seven years, more or less. In Holland we were one of the first companies using drones for making videos and photography.