How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business Today

How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business Today

LinkedIn is a brilliant platform for professional value exchange, and guess what? It’s (mostly) free to use. We started using LinkedIn back when it was more like a digital CV-platform, and everyone gave themselves fancy titles to impress old peers and gain attention from potential new employers. But with time LinkedIn matured, becoming a hub for business relationships, online marketing and networking. Not only can it be used to apply for jobs, stalk potential dates and brag about your successes, but we’ve found it very useful and important in the journey of growing VReel. Keep reading to discover how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.

Here are some of our best & favourite ways to use LinkedIn, with some “Do’s and Dont’s” on how to make most of the platform:

Grow your network

I would say that all the sales we’ve made on the VReel platform originally came from LinkedIn. We spend a few hours per week researching potential clients and other relevant people in our industry, then we connect and start a conversation with them. Of course, not everyone is interested in hearing what you’ll have to say, but the key is, if you can provide some value then more often than not, they’ll be happy to hear from you.

Research is key, don’t connect with people whose businesses you haven’t thoroughly looked at, to see that you have something to offer them. The idea is not to connect with as many people as possible, but to connect and provide value to as many relevant people as possible. From our experience, we get the best results when we spend our time engaging with the right people, and not the most amount on people. 

“Bee Swarming”

LinkedIn’s best or worst feature?! You know? The one that you hate because it sometimes makes you look like a stalker… i.e. “Person ‘X’ Viewed Your Profile”. Well, you can flip that perspective on its head and use this feature to your advantage.

It’s a really effective way to get the attention of someone before you make contact with them. Or perhaps you made contact with them a while ago, and now it’s time to remind them that you exist and your product/services are still available to be purchased. With a little bit of consistent (but not too consistent, remember you don’t want to harass them) “Bee Swarming” sooner or later they will notice and quite likely check your profile to find out about you or they’ll get back in touch with you if you’ve previously made contact. We’ve “Bee Swarmed” a lot of people, (and have been “Bee Swarmed” ourselves), getting us the attention of the people in our industry that we want to do business with.

Share Knowledge – Become a Thought Leader

Another valuable way to use the LinkedIn platform is to share your knowledge and prove your expertise to potential clients and partners. No-one wants to see a feed full of homemade ads and overly self-promoting posts, but by sharing interesting articles and posts it is certainly possible to gain the attention of the right people, while showcasing your expertise in your industry/niche.

You don’t need to be posting a 1000 word long research essay, in-fact, bitesize and digestible content with insightful take-aways works best. Initially, we thought that you had to post as much as you could and at least one time per day, but we find it much more rewarding to post when we actually have something worthwhile to share. And when we do, we often get fantastic engagement and connections from outside our networks. 

A few months ago Emelie published a post about drone rules in Sweden, together with a 10 second video from Kungsträdgården. This piece of content gained over 8000 views, for free. Not only did we get a lot of exposure, Emelie had a host of people from our industry contact her and want to connect with her, as she proved herself an expert within the drone/aerial videography niche.

LinkedIn Ads

Although LinkedIn Advertising is reasonably expensive, it is actually quite powerful. For example, you can narrow your target audience so precisely that you only target people in a specific role at a specific company (but keep in mind, your audience needs to be at least 300 people), this means that you can be certain that the people you want to see your ad will see it.

We currently run VReel with a very limited marketing budget, yet we have used LinkedIn ads as a “top of the funnel” tactic to raise awareness of our brand, then when we get in touch with a specific person at a specific company, they have often already “seen us somewhere”. The budget for this has been low, but our goal hasn’t been to have people click through and buy a clip on the spot, but to break into their awareness so that when they do need stock drone footage, they will associate us and come to us for their needs. A strategy that has worked on a number of occasions.

What About the Algorithm

The LinkedIn algorithm has two main targets: prioritising relevant content & promoting engagement.

LinkedIn is maturing into a content platform, this means that more people are uploading/hosting their content on LinkedIn and as a result more people are seeking out and searching for content on the platform. So, if you’re looking to attract the attention of people in your industry, make sure to post value-providing content containing relevant keywords to make your content searchable and discoverable.

There’s some evidence to show that the LinkedIn algorithm is currently favouring posts over articles, and that content that has received comments will be shown in more people’s feeds. This tells us that LinkedIn uses the number of comments on a post as a way to rate its relevance, in fact comments are more valuable than likes.

To stimulate comments on your content and help get it seen by more people, you need to encourage your audience to comment and engage. A great way to do this is to have an open ended questions for them to answer.

LinkedIn Cold Outreach Messaging

While LinkedIn grows among sales personnel so does the level of cold outreach. Daily, I receive several contact requests from unknown people with a message similar to this one “I find your profile really interesting and would like to add you to my network”. I delete them all.

Why? These people haven’t even bothered to look at my profile (I know this since LinkedIn always notifies you when someone has). They are obviously just adding people left right and center to “grow your LinkedIn network”. The time you spend thoroughly researching potential clients is well invested. It’s with personalisation that you’ll catch their attention and provide them with value. It’s not about the quantity of LinkedIn connections you have, it’s the quality and relevance of your reach.

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