How to make money from stock footage

How to Make Money From Stock Footage

Uploading your footage to stock platforms is a great way to earn a passive income. Many videographers and drone pilots keep hard drive after hard drive of unused footage, stock platforms are a great way to turn this old work into cash.

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Stock Video Platforms

Why to choose fair stock video platforms? Stock video platforms have changed over the last couple of years. With an increase in available footage online

Sweden Drone Map

In January 2021 all of the European Union countries will get the same rules for flying a drone, thank god. This means no more panic posts in local drone pilot groups on facebook, spending hours on UAV Coach or asking local police officers who know less than you.

How much does stock video cost?

The cost of stock video – how much should you pay? Over the last couple of years the supply of stock footage has increased, resulting

How to film for stock video sites

How to Film for Stock Video Sites

In this blog post, we’re going to look at what to do with your drone footage to get it ready for a stock site. This will cover how

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Top 5 Podcasts Looking for good podcast recommendations? Want to stay motivated, inspired and entertained? Look no further. Here’s our list of top 5 podcasts to enjoy during

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So you’re creating content for social media, and you know that certain posts are optimised for different sizes, but you can’t remember which dimensions to use. Don’t stress!

How To Be Better At Facebook Advertising Today

If you are unaware of what Facebook advertising is, here is a quick breakdown: Facebook provides an advertising platform for businesses to display adverts to its (Facebook’s) users.

DJI Airsense, Does it Make Sense?

Last week DJI announced their latest development “DJI Airsense”, we take a look at what that means for us professional drone pilots and the drone industry as a

Swedish Drone Laws

What you need to know about flying a drone in Sweden and the Swedish drone laws!  Planning to travel to Sweden with your drone this summer? Want to