Sell your video as stock - become a vreel stock footage contributor

Sell your video as stock – Become a VReel Contributor

Hi Videographer, we’re looking for you! 👋 After opening up the VReel platform for all kinds of video footage a few months ago, we’re hoping to extend our community of talented stock video contributors. Camera operator or drone flying genius, we want to talk to all of you. We offer a competitive commission model and have recently added a multi-uploader to help you save time when you upload your footage to sell your video as stock. Our contributors are the heart and soul of our business so our mission is to build the best stock video platform there is

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VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

We came across you and your brother through your drone flying when VReel started off as a drone platform. How long have you been flying a drone and how did you get into it? We’ve been flying drones for many years, probably around seven years, more or less. In Holland we were one of the first companies using drones for making videos and photography.

Make your Video Creation Easy

We have some really exciting news! Since we started VReel, co-founder Edward Thomas always dreamt about creating a tool for easy video creation. A few months

Hire a Drone Pilot

A few years ago it was quite common to send out anyone in the office to catch a few shots with a hobby drone. But

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Update 20th of January 2021 – Since January 2021 Sweden’s drone laws have changed and are now in accordance to the new drone laws covering all of the