Sell your video as stock - become a vreel stock footage contributor

Sell your video as stock – Become a VReel Contributor

Hi Videographer, we're looking for you! 👋

After opening up the VReel platform for all kinds of video footage a few months ago, we’re hoping to extend our community of talented stock video contributors. Camera operator or drone flying genius, we want to talk to all of you.

We offer a competitive commission model and have recently added a multi-uploader to help you save time when you upload your footage to sell your video as stock. Our contributors are the heart and soul of our business so our mission is to build the best stock video platform there is Together with you.

What kind of stock video do we accept?

We accept drone footage as well as handheld footage of high quality with a commercial value. So pretty much everything except for the videos of your drunk friends or footage from your family holiday. Here are a few more requirements:

  • .mov or .mp4
    We accept video files in the formats .mov an .mp4
  • 4K or HD Quality
    We expect Pilot footage to be a minumum of 1080 HD, but recommend and encourange Pilots contribute 4K quality footage.
  • Bitrate
    We require all footage to have a minimum bitrate of 3mb/s.

  • Clean Cuts
    Footage that is jerky, has unsmooth camera movements or lots of changes in direction will not be accepted.

  • Clip Length
    We accept clips that are between 5 – 60 seconds long.

  • Correct Permissions
    Model releases will be required where necessary (if you can identify someone in the shot). For drone footage we encourage pilot compliance with regards to following local rules and regulations, we may ask for proof of your drone license. 

Can I upload footage to VReel which I’ve also shared on other stock platforms?

Absolutely! No matter if you sell your footage on Pond5, Shutterstock, Adobestock, Storyblocks or Dreamstime you can upload the same footage to VReel – so long as you have not given that platform the exclusive rights to distribute the content.

How much money can you make on stock footage?

Well, it depends on a few things – how much footage you upload and the stock platforms commissions (this will vary A LOT). For us, we strongly believe in paying our videographers and drone pilots a fair share for all their hard work. We therefor offer one of the highest commissions on the market. 

As a contributor on VReel you can earn money in two ways:

  1. Earn 50% commission on all of your videos that are sold through a “one-off” purchase.
  2. Share in 50% of a subscription’s revenue every time one of your videos is downloaded as part of a monthly subscription. (Minimum earning of €4.99/video)

How to upload and sell your video as stock footage on VReel

We have a super smooth multi-uploader where you can upload several clips at once. Once a clip has processed, you simply just put in your keywords and press publish. The footage then get sent to us for approval which takes max 24h.
Lätt som en plätt! (Swedish for: “light/easy as a small pancake”, ehm)

VReel Contributor Uploader

Are you ready to join us?

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