Startup Tips From a VC Investor

Guest: Bob Thomas – VC Investor

A conversation with VC investor, Bob Thomas

In episode 2 of the VReel podcast, I speak to our good friend Bob about the current state of venture capital and the effects that have been seen due to COVID 19.

We first met Bob at a startup conference in Sweden. Everyone was wearing name badges and we noticed that Bob had the same last name as me. As an introvert, I’m particularly bad at approaching people and starting conversations at these types of events.

Emelie set me the challenge to speak to at least one person during the conference and that it should be Bob since we shared a surname. So we wandered over, I introduced myself and made a comment about it being rare to find another ‘Thomas’ in Sweden, and we’ve all been friends since!

During our conversation we discuss how C19 has affected investing, tips for founders, why investor/entrepreneur relationships are important and much more.

Enjoy the episode!

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