List of different countries from where VReel has stock drone footage

Stock Video Footage from Around the World

From sunny California to the fjords of Norway, The northern forests in Sweden to the Australian beaches – and all the way out at sea on a sailing yacht. We have a community of over 150 contributors from all across the globe, and as a result we have one of the markets most diverse libraries of stock video footage from around the world.

Here’s a summary of the countries which are present in our library of 10 000+ unique clips.


If you need inspiration on where to start looking for the perfect footage, browse our collections:
City Collection, classic big city shots from all over the world.
Nature Collection, a broad variety of forest, sea, mountains and open landscapes.
Stockholm Collection, what would a Stockholm based startup be without a tribute collection to our home town?
Vehicle Collection, dynamic footage of trains, cars, yachts/ships/boats and traffic.
Nordic Collection, the best from the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.
People & Sports Collection, people practising sports or performing other activities.
Winter Collection, classic snow covered winter landscapes.
Tropical Collection footage of the most turquoise oceans, whitest beaches and other paradise like environments.

So you’ve found out about ourstock video footage from around the world, but you’re Not sure which search terms to use? Check out our drone footage glossary.

PS. Do we have footage from the country you’re looking for, but not your location? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see if our local contributors can help you out. Same goes for hiring a local drone pilot on demand. Send us an email to hello @

How to find the right stock footage

How to find the right stock footage

With an increasing number of stock platforms available on the market, the supply of stock footage is huge. Quite often buyers end up in a

VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

VReel Contributor Profile: BeemFlights

We came across you and your brother through your drone flying when VReel started off as a drone platform. How long have you been flying a drone and how did you get into it? We’ve been flying drones for many years, probably around seven years, more or less. In Holland we were one of the first companies using drones for making videos and photography.