Sweden Drone Map

Sweden Drone Map

Sweden Drone Map

In January 2021 all of the European Union countries will get the same rules for flying a drone, thank god. This means no more panic posts in local drone pilot groups on facebook, spending hours on UAV Coach or asking local police officers who know less than you. Flying will become even easier since only licensed pilots will be allowed to fly, so the rules you know by heart from your home country can also be applied when you’re travelling across Europe.

However, all countries still have their own drone maps showing where you are and aren’t allowed to fly. As a Stockholm-based business, we thought we could help out by breaking down the most commonly asked question about the drone map of Sweden and flying in Stockholm ??.

The Swedish drone map, issued by our Civil Aviation Administration is called “drönarkartan” and can be found here: https://daim.lfv.se/echarts/dronechart/

There’s also an app called “drönarguiden” which is available in the AppStore.

Can I fly a drone in Stockholm?

Yes you can. The central parts of Stockholm are in the restriction area of Bromma airport so the max height across most of the Stockholm city is 50m. If you want to fly higher than that you can contact Bromma Airport tower and fly up to 120m when they are closed, Saturday 17:00 until Sunday 12:00. The most central part of Stockholm is a no-fly zone, together with the area around our central hospitals such as Karolinska and Södersjukhuset due to helicopter platforms. Like in most countries you’re not allowed to fly over crowds of people or sensitive objects or buildings.

We would recommend to go filming from Södermälarstrand, Djurgården, Strandvägen or Skeppsholmen to catch some of the best views of Stockholm. Watch out for our seagulls, they eat drones for breakfast ?

If you’re planning on publishing your Swedish drone footage online (including personal instagram or facebook accounts) you need to receive an approval from Lantmäteriet, even if you’ve been filming in approved areas. The process is really simple and only takes a few minutes. https://www.lantmateriet.se/sv/webb/spridningstillstand/process/#steg=3

Discover the new EU drone laws that come into effect Jan 2021

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