Top 5 stock video subscriptions

Top 4 Stock Video Subscriptions

What is a stock video subscription?

A stock video subscription is a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription which allows a user to access and download stock video clips from that platform. The amount of clips a user can download depends on the terms of the subscription, this can also determine how they are allowed to use the footage (see our post on different licenses).

Some platforms offer unlimited subscriptions where there is no download limit. Some platforms also use a credit system where the user gets a certain number of credits every month to download clips with. Stock video subscriptions are a great way for video makers to save some cash when they have a high demand for using stock videos in their projects and productions. Usually, with a top stock video subscription you can save up to 80% of the one-off price for a piece of stock content.

Top 4 Stock Video Subscriptions - according to us


Pond5 is an American stock platform for video content, and one of the more popular sites with contributors since they have the ability to set their own prices for one-off purchases. This leads to them offering a wide and varied library of footage.

What kind of stock does Pond5 offer?
They have, according to themselves, the “world’s largest collection of royalty-free stock video” and also offer music and motion graphics. Their stock video clips are offered through both subscriptions and via one-off purchases. The clips available to download through subscriptions are found in a separate library that is approximately 5-10% of the main library.

How much is Pond5?
Pond5’s stock video subscriptions are provided with two different kinds of payment options. Subscriptions are billed at 180€/month or  890€/year. However, both subscriptions are based on the same offer of 10 downloads per month plus any monthly rollover of unused downloads.


Artgrid is the stock video footage library from the company behind, which is the biggest platform by far for royalty-free music and sounds effects. It was founded in Israel in 2016.

What kind of stock video does Artgrid offer?
Artgrid has all different kinds of video footage, they are focusing on high quality clips above HD quality. They only offer subscriptions and all clips in the library are available for their subscribers.

How much is Artgrid?
Artgrid offers 3 kinds of subscription;
Junior HD for 299$/year (unlimited downloads of HD clips…)
Creator 4K+ for 479$/year (unlimited downloads of 4-8K clips…)
PRO RAW/LOG for 599$/year (unlimited downloads of all clips, including LOG and RAW…)


Storyblocks is an American platform for stock video, audio, images and After Effects templates. Their stock video subscription was previously called Videoblocks.

What kinds of stock content do Storyblocks offer?

Video, audio, and images are available only through subscription, this means that all clips in their library are therefore available for subscribers. 

How much is Storyblocks?
Storyblocks offers two kind of subscriptions: Full access to video, audio and imagines, or video only.

Unlimited all access costs 29,08€ /month billed at 349€ annually.

The Unlimited Video costs 16,58€ /month billed at 199€ annually and
Video Basic (5 clips per month) is 8,25€/month billed at 99€ annually. 


VReel is a Swedish stock video platform, originally offering exclusively drone and aerial footage. VReel have just expanded the library to include classic stock video footage as well. 

What kind of stock videos do VReel offer?
VReel offers a wide variety of stock video footage from all over the world. The biggest part of their library is made up of aerial and drone footage, with plenty of locations from Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the world. All the clips within the VReel library are available for subscribers.

How much is VReel?
VReel provide their footage though one off purchases; 4K 59€ /clip, 1080p 35€ /clip, 720p 19€ /clip and 480p 12€ /clip,
and monthly subscriptions;
5 clips per month at 69€
10 clips per month at 129€
25 clips per month at 299€
50 clips per month at 499€

All footage comes with a royalty-free license which can be used in any way the user chooses, unless marked “Editorial” in which case the footage must be used in accordance with this license (no commercial use).


There are many good options for stock video subscriptions and they all their own advantages and dis-advantages. Ultimately, the one that you will choose will come down to how it meets your own needs. Some provide affordable pricing but less production value in their footage, others provide high production value in their footage but at a high price and others sit in the middle.

We hope that you feel a little more informed after reading our article and are in a better position to make a choice based on your own personal stock footage needs.

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