What Are The Rules for Travelling with a Drone?

What Are The Rules for Travelling with a Drone?

What Are The Rules for Travelling with a Drone?

It’s summer, which means one thing, holiday season. And of course, we want to bring our dearest family member with us – our drone. But what are the rules for travelling with a drone? Unfortunately, many airlines are vague about the rules for bringing a drone onboard. So we’ve put together a mini summary of some information which might help you out. 

– Purchase a “Safe Bag” for lithium batteries where you can place the batteries to the drone. We have flown several times with our Phantom 4 adv in the box without being asked for this, but better be safe than sorry. 

– Store both the drone and its batteries in your hand luggage. 

– Unpack the drone by the safety control in the same way as you do with a laptop. 

– Check https://uavcoach.com/ before your trip to study the local rules of the country your visiting. We sometimes contact local drone pilots as well to ask for advice. 

  • Here are some examples of airlines who allow drones onboard (according to information found online): 
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) 
  • Norwegian Air 
  • Ryan Air 
  • EasyJet 
  • Delta Airlines 
  • American Airlines 
  • Southwest Airlines 
  • JetBlue Airlines 
  • Emirates 
  • Lufthansa 
  • British Airways (BA) 
  • AirFrance 

Do you have any other examples of airlines allowing or restricting drones? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear about your experiences and help grow the VReel knowledge base.

Discover the New EU Drone Laws

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