Dynamic Drone Stock Video Footage

100% curated drone stock videos, available royalty-free, to be used in your video projects.

Drone Footage

VReel is where you'll discover the right drone footage for your project, and how you'll actually be able to afford it when you do. VReel’s curated collection of drone footage are filmed from scenes and locations all around the world. From L.A. to Tokyo, Lapland to London and everything inbetween, we’re building the biggest library of beautiful drone footage on the web!


Where to use
Drone Footage


Social Media

Create engaging social media videos for your personal brand or business. With drone stock footage, you can create scroll stopping videos that demand the attention of your followers!



Using drone footage in your video banner can help to rank your site better on Google. It could also increase conversions! Another great use for drone stock video footage!


Music Videos

Create an audio-visual masterpiece by combining drone footage with a cinematic soundtrack! Did you do it? Sweet! That looks and sounds awesome.


All of our drone footage can be used in commercials. One simple license that covers every type of video project. Our collection is full of high quality videos that would look great in your commercial – what are waiting for?!


Shooting a documentary or show for TV? Add depth to the episode by using drone footage for establishing shots or as beautiful b-roll.


Our 4K drone footage is high quality and good enough for movies. Independent filmmakers often need aerial footage for establishing shots. So why not use a VReel drone video?

Three Reasons to Use

Drone Footage

How to Use
Drone Footage


1. Search our Collection

Find the perfect stock videos for your project in our collection of curated drone footage.
There are lots of videos showing different scenes and locations – you’ll easily find what you need.


2. Download Drone Footage

Download your drone footage by adding to basket and purchasing . Then simply download the footage from “my purchases” section. Download as many times as you like, your videos will live here forever!


3. Start Creating

Import the drone footage into your project timeline and cut and trim it as needed. Export your project when you’re finished – now you have an awesome video with sweet drone footage in it!

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Why Use VReel

We're Edward and Emelie, passionate entrepreneurs that are hell bent on:

- Giving you the most beautiful collection of drone stock footage in the world
-Giving you affordable drone stock footage that you can *actually use commercially*
- Giving back to our pilots around the world and making their work profitable

So far Vreel has made things happen – you might even say, taken off.