Navigating the World of Stock
Footage with a Totally Unique

VReel is where you'll discover the right stock footage for your video project, and how you'll actually be able to afford it when you do. This is our story – why we started this crazy journey, and why you should join us.

There's just something about
drone footage.

The truth is – online video licensing is flawed.

The way we all currently buy stock footage is broken – creators make little money, there's too much rubbish to filter through, and the clips themselves are crazily expensive!

We're Edward and Emelie, passionate entrepreneurs that are hell bent on:

- Giving you the most beautiful collection of stock drone and video footage in the world
- Giving you affordable stock video footage that you can *actually use commercially*
- Giving back to our contributors around the world and making their work profitable

(Just to be clear: that's why we started VReel).

So far VReel has made things happen – you might even say, taken off.

We've been the choice for a number of:

- Content creators
- Influencers
- YouTubers
- Advertisers
- and even Filmmakers.

We're popular because our collections can be purchased as “one-off” videos or through a subscription, which is pretty groundbreaking.

Of course, we ensure that all footage remains royalty-free and can be used in any way that you choose.

We ❤ Contributors (we pay them too).

Earn your second income through VReel

Show off your services to our global network of production agencies, sell your existing catalogue of footage on our website and turn your creativity into cash.

Team up with other drone & video professionals

Our vibrant community is a chance for you to share stories with other drone pilots and videographers - build out your professional network and make new connections.

Stockholm is pretty sweet

We’re a Swedish startup based in Stockholm and we love it. We've spoken about it on stage, and we talk about it on our YouTube channel you can go and take a look:

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